Canton Mountain Wind

Location: Maine

The Canton Wind project consists of 8 – 2.85 MW GEWE wind turbines. This project includes, but is not limited to, the Balance of Plant electrical engineering design work. This design work is necessary for the establishment of a new 115/34.5 kV line terminal at Ludden Lane substation, as well as a 34.5 kV aerial line between the new 34.5 kV line terminal, the ridgeline riser structures, and the 34.5 kV underground system from the ridgeline risers to the wind turbine switchgear. The design work is also essential to the associated communication/SCADA systems.  

Scope of Services:

  • Design and specification of 115/34.5 kV line terminal including all equipment, foundations, structures, cabling, control & protection systems, and communication systems
  • Design and specification of 34.5 kV aerial and underground collection system including all necessary equipment, cabling, materials and pole alignments
  • Relay and SCADA device settings
  • Wind Turbine Grounding and Conduit Plans
  • Technical Liaison services with local telecommunication providers, Central Maine Power/IUSA and ISO-NE
  • Technical Analyses and assessments (Turbine ground grid, short circuit analysis, lightning protection)
  • Record drawings and equipment documentation