RLC has completed the necessary design required to replace electromechanical relays with electronic microprocessor based relays. This includes line relays, bus differential relays and breaker failure relays.

Breaker Failure Relay Replacement projects include the following:

  • Chicopee Substation
  • Baldwin Substation
  • Breckwood Substation
  • Oswald Substation
  • Haddam Neck Substation

Line Relay Replacement projects include the following:

  • Norwalk Substation
  • Rood Substation
  • Hopewell Substation
  • Beacon Falls Substation
  • Rockville Substation BU Line and Line Relay Replacements

Other Protection & Controls projects include the following:

  • Brook Street Substation TRIII Removal
  • South Naugatuck Substation Annunciator Replacement
  • Carmel Hill Substation Annunciator Replacement
  • Beacon Falls Substation Annunciator Replacement
  • Shepaug Substation Annunciator Replacement