Non-Transmission Alternative Analyses

RLC has performed Non-Transmission Alternative (NTA) Analyses as part of Solutions Studies in Maine. These assessments considered alternatives to “transmission only” solutions were developed to address reliability needs at both the local and regional system levels.

NTA Analyses establish the critical load, within a defined region, that triggers the requirement for load reduction resources (NTA). The assessment determines the location and effective amount of NTA resources needed to maintain each region’s net load below the applicable critical load level and eliminate reliability violations within the region. NTA resources may be required during transmission maintenance outages or during day-to-day operations to address identified reliability concerns. RLC also estimated the transmission construction cost savings that could be realized by developing these NTA resources.

RLC developed Non-Transmission Alternative Solutions to displace the need for significant transmission improvements in the following Maine areas:

  • Midcoast Region
  • Portland Region