Operation & Maintenance Services

  1. O&M Lead Services
    • Receive Alarm Events Notifications
    • Identify and coordinate Warranty Related Efforts
    • Review of site abnormalities and make recommendations for remediation.
    • Review site warrantee to assign corrective actions.
    • Review of site data to compare – Actual Performance Measured vs. Production Benchmark
  2. Site Walk downs
    • Review current alarm logs for items that might affect performance during walk down.
    • Site Walk down Activities:
      • Tree Shading
      • Erosion Issues
      • Vegetation Growth
      • Broken or damaged Panels
      • Broken or damage to exposed wiring
      • Main Gate and Fence inspection
      • Provide Report of findings
  1. Annual – Site Evaluations
    • Project Inspection and Testing – Site Visit
      • Complete Site walk down Activities as defined above.
      • Thermal Imaging of Combiner Boxes, Inverter Connections
      • Check Rack Torque Values (small sample) – First Year Only to be performed by Prime
      • I-V Curve Trace Testing: Only accomplished if necessary.
  1. Program Reports
    • Annual Report for total program performance noting YTD role up numbers along with complete site-by-site site information with significant actions/alarms etc.
    • Summarize Energy Production Performance Numbers
    • Summarize Site O&M actions
    • Provide recommendations as applicable

Questions about Operation and Maintenance?

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