Owner’s Engineering Support of Operations & Maintenance Services

RLC Engineering provides engineering solutions to complex power systems focusing on a variety of energy related markets. RLC has experienced personnel who provide in-depth knowledge of electrical systems and can pinpoint problems and provide cost effective solutions to power systems including specialties such as Photovoltaic, Wind, Battery Storage, Standby and Emergency Generation. Our engineering services cover the full life of a system from concept and feasibility to design and commissioning and maintenance support.

O&M Services

Proper operations and maintenance (O&M) are an integral part of maximizing a sites return on investment (ROI). Our services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Receive alarm events notifications
  • Identify and coordinate warranty-related efforts, review and assign corrective actions
  • Review site abnormalities and make recommendations for remediation
  • Implement Systems Performance Analysis – Actual Performance Measured vs. Production Benchmark

Site Walk

One of the most valuable techniques for identifying existing issues and preventing future complications is to walk the site and conduct a visual and hands-on inspection of the PV system components. Our inspections include but are not limited to the following:

  • Review current alarm logs for items that may be affecting performance
  • Site Inspections:
    • Tree Shading
    • Erosion Issues
    • Vegetation Growth
    • Broken or damaged panels
    • Damage to exposed wiring
    • Main gate and fence inspection
  • Report findings and recommended corrective action

Annual System Health Check up

Feel certain that your system is performing up to expectations. This process includes a thorough visual inspection of the site, along with selective testing. Comprehensive reporting will be provided identifying any items requiring corrective actions and the recommended resolution, total program performance including energy production performance, along with complete site-by-site information with significant actions/alarms.

Testing may include:

  • Thermal Imaging – Used to quickly identify hot spots resulting from cracked cells, failed solder joints, damaged or bypass diodes. Prevents production losses from going unnoticed for an extended period.
  • Check Rack Torque Values (small sample) – First Year Only to be performed by Prime.
  • I-V Curve Trace Testing – Provides a permanent record of the as-built system performance, benchmark for comparison as arrays age and degrade. Identifies underperforming strings by measuring string voltage and current.


 RLC provides engineering solutions to complex power systems focusing on a variety of energy related markets.

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Arc Flash

Our engineers have expertise in arc flash hazard analysis (AFHA) and are skilled in identifying hazards, estimating the potential for injury, and determining what protective measures are required.

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Case Study

Increased overall energy production for under producing Solar Sites.


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Case Study

Onsite evaluation resolves Utility nuisance trips and design errors.



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