Ingenuity, Integrity, and Passion

These three qualities drive everything that RLC sets out to do as we plan, design, and engineer facilities that meet our client’s financial, technical, and scheduling goals. We provide our customers with reliable engineering, planning and design to accommodate the energy demands of today’s ever-changing world.


RLC’s corporate office was founded in Augusta, Maine with just 6 employees.


In 2016, RLC reached an important milestone celebrating 10 years in business.


Today, RLC has grown to a team of over 65 technical professionals.

RLC’s goal is to provide the electrical studies and planning of today that will fuel the ideas of tomorrow.

Our Mission

RLC’s mission is to provide professional consulting services and innovative solutions for our clients, while providing an enriching work environment that encourages personal development and job satisfaction for our employees. 

Our Team

RLC’s team of technical professionals encompass the expertise to efficiently plan, design, and engineer for the Power and Utility industries. Through our team’s veteran leadership, we have the knowledge and experience to solve any engineering challenges that come our way. Passion is what drives us and we use this passion to creatively and quickly solve technical barriers.

Our Clients

RLC seeks to serve with excellence as we deliver creative, cost effective solutions for our clients. We are passionate about determining our clients’s exact needs and then delivering efficiently. We have had the privilege to work with utilities, independent system operators, and developers all across the Northeast, Canadian Maritimes, and beyond. Several of our clients include Avangrid, Eversource Energy, ISO-New England, National Grid, New York Independent System Operator, and Patriot Renewables. 

Our Values

Be honest with yourself, your peers and customers.

Take responsibility for your work.

Be accountable for your actions and personal growth.

Think outside the box.

Give recognition for great performance and quality work.

Strive to be a leader and make a positive contribution.

Help others learn from our experiences.

Recognize that teamwork outperforms individual contributions.