Automation & Integration

RLC offers a complete package of design, protection & control, and automation & integration services, ranging from simple RTU replacements or additions to comprehensive substation HMIs and fully integrated substations. We have experience with a variety of vendor platforms and operating practices, along with the tools and skills needed to develop, test, and commission your application. RLC also provides an impartial evaluation of vendors and equipment in order to meet each customer’s unique specifications and needs.

Substation Planning & Design

  • Communications Network Design
  • Automation & Integration Schemes
  • Communications Diagrams
  • Remote Engineering Access
  • IED Data Maps
  • SCADA Data Sheets
  • Interface to EMS
  • Various utility standard protocols


  • HMI & SCADA Systems
  • Substation Data Concentrators
  • Remote Terminal Units (RTU)
  • Programmable Logic Controllers
  • IONs, SATECS, Bitronics Meters, INCONs, Beckwith M2001C&Ds, GPS clocks, Qualitrol Xfmr Monitors


  • Onsite Testing & Support
  • Testing with EMS Center
  • Simulation/bench testing of SCADA software applications prior to implementation in the field to reduce delays during construction and implementation
  • Factory Acceptance Testing

Questions about Automation and Integration?

Contact Phil Nadeau, PMP, PE

207-621-1077, x180