Protection & Control

RLC offers significant experience in the area of utility system protection and coordination. Our personnel have created, reviewed, and approved protective relay settings for numerous relay types and applications. In addition, we develop construction level control system designs for new and existing facilities. RLC offers the following range of Protection & Control services:

  • Transmission line, substation bus, power transformer, capacitor bank, shunt reactor, and generation plant protection and coordination
  • Develop relay settings, integration programming, and communications interface for existing or new protection systems
  • Engineer of Record for detailed protection designs through construction
  • Owner’s Engineer for new and modified facilities
  • Owner’s Representative including preparing and presenting to the Northeast Power Coordinating Council (NPCC) for new and revised Protection Systems
  • Adhere to up-to-date working knowledge of North American Electrical Reliability Corporation (NERC) and Regional Standards and Criteria, including Protective Relaying Council (PRC) and spell out (FAC)
  • Provide field support during commissioning activities, assist with troubleshooting, develop operating descriptions/instructions for personnel, preparation of test plans, and facilitate the completion of as-built documentation.
  • Provide post-event analysis for system disturbances.

Software Applications

  • Power system modeling software including: ASPEN OneLiner, SKM Power Tools, CYME, CAPE, PSSE, and PSLF
  • Schweitzer Engineering (SEL), AcSELerator and 5010 for numeric relays (100 through 400 series)
  • General Electric/Multilin, Enervista software for “UR” and “SR” numeric relays
  • ABB microprocessor relays
  • ERL and Alstom numerical line protection relays
  • Proprietary, DNP, MODBUS, and 61850 communication protocol applications
  • Various electromechanical and solid-state relays
  • Power transformer LTC control relays

Questions about Protection and Control?

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