Transmission System Studies

RLC is expert at performing transmission system studies that include steady state, stability, short-circuit, transient switching and congestion analyses. Tools that we use for these analyses are PSS/E, TARA, PSLF, PSCAD, ATP and our own specialized programs. Our client list includes ISOs, large investor-owned utilities, independent system operators and merchant power plant developers. Typical studies performed are:

  • Generation System Impact
  • Generator Feasibility
  • Transmission System Expansion and Operations
  • Non-Transmission Alternative Analysis
  • Congestion Analysis
  • Power System Protection
  • Capacitor Bank Switching and Application

RLC maintains a high level of security and confidentiality through security software and internal procedures and are competent in handling Critical Energy Infrastructure Information.

Distributed Energy Resource Ground Fault Overvoltage Impacts to Rural Sub-Transmission Systems

Reverse power flow caused by increased interconnections of Distributed Energy Resources (DER) result in Ground Fault Overvoltage concerns. This RLC Engineering white paper examines this condition.

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