Solar Generation

Our solar engineering services cover the full life of a system from concept and feasibility to design and commissioning as well as maintenance support. RLC’s solar engineering services include:

  • Energy Engineering
  • Generation Modeling
  • Solar System Engineering
  • Solar Construction
  • Solar O&M

Solar Experience

  • Facility Internal Distribution (end of a bus, non-exporting)
  • Campus System Internal Distribution 480V-4,160V-34.5 kV (non-exporting)
  • Service Entrance (net metering)
  • Utility Distribution System Interconnection 12,470-34,500 V (Developer PPA)
  • Utility / ISONE Transmission System Interconnection 69 kV-345 kV (Developer PPA)

System Types

  • Ground Mounted
  • Landfill Mounted
  • Rooftop Single and Multiple Client
  • Garage and Parking Lot Canopy


  • 120/240 V up to 1,500 V and Bipolar PV systems

Equipment Manufacturers

  • Inverters: Solectria, SMA, Satcon, AE and Siemens
  • Solar Panels: Canadian Solar, ET, LG, Talesun, Suniva, Suntech, Silevo, Trina
  • Combiners: Solectria, SolarBos, Midnight Solar, Stratcom, Eaton
  • Racking: SolarFlex, Game Changer, AP Alternatives, Renusal, EcoFoot, Panelclaw
  • Performance Monitoring: Solectria, Draker or Custom Built


  • Helioscope
  • PVSyst
  • PSSe
  • CYME
  • SKM

Generation Modeling

 RLC provides highly detailed project generation modeling for both the distribution and transmission systems.

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Questions about Solar Generation?

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