Owner's Engineer

RLC has provided Owner Engineering Services for the detailed design of the following substation projects.

  • Agawam Substation – Hollow Core Insulator Replacement Project
  • Emerald Street Substation – Substation Rebuild
  • Hopewell Substation – Oil Circuit Breaker Replacement Project
  • Ludlow Substation – Line Relay Replacements
  • Montville Substation – Breaker Failure Relay Upgrades
  • Mt Support Substation – Substation Rebuild and Relay Setting Development
  • OPGW Addition between Stevenson and Devon Substations
  • OPGW Replacement of Static Wire between Card, Montville, and Tunnel Substations
  • South Agawam Substation – Transfer Trip Receiver and Line Relay Replacements
  • Southwest Hartford – Breaker Replacement and Relay Coordination Project
  • Wilder Substation – Relay Upgrade Project