ProjectPassadumkeag Wind

ProjectPassadumkeag Wind

Located: Maine

The Passadumkeag Wind Project includes 13 turbines with 39.975 MW of installed capacity interconnected to the Emera Maine 115 kV transmission system. The project’s interconnection substation is comprised of a jointly occupied 200’ x 300’ substation area consisting of a 115 kV – 3 breaker ring bus switching substation and a 34.5/115 kV collector substation.

Scope of Services:

The Passadumkeag 115 kV Switching Station consisted of the following:

  • An air insulated 115 kV, 2000 Amp, 3 breaker ring bus
  • Two 115 kV overhead transmission line terminals (Lines 64 and 97)
  • A breaker controlled, rigid bus connection to the collector substation
  • Integration of protection with Graham Station and Keene Substations
  • A control house with protective relaying and stationary battery

The Passadumkeag 34.5/115 kV Collector Substation consisted of the following:

  • 100 MVA, 115 kV – 34.5 kV, delta/grounded wye transformer
  • One 12 MVAR D-VAR STATCOM with accompanying Master Control Enclosure (MCE)
  • 1200 amp, 115 kV motor operated Disconnect switch
  • 115 kV revenue metering
  • One 34.5 kV line terminal with 1200 amp breaker
  • Control house with protective relaying and stationary battery