Program Management

Location: Massachusetts

RLC served as Owner’s Engineer for the client in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The client was committed to develop up to 70 MWdc of solar systems, 35 MWdc in each of the Eastern and Western districts. The plan, which called for the construction of new facilities across the commonwealth, increased the amount of solar power produced by the client in Massachusetts from eight megawatts previously up to 70 megawatts statewide. Along with the significant environmental benefits of increasing the number of utility-scale solar plants in Massachusetts, there will be substantial cost-saving benefits for the client’s customers as well.

Scope of Services:

The Solar Program consisted of the following:

  • Reviewed and commented on draft RFP for Engineering, Procurement and Construction of the program’s solar systems.
  • Performed Bid evaluations for the Solar Program.
  • Provided a review of Environmental and Local Planning Board Permit submissions drawings developed by others.
  • Performed Detailed Design Reviews of the EPC contractor’s design at the 30, 70 and 100% phases.
  • Contracted negotiation support.
  • Assisted with the generation of LNTP’s.
  • Provided miscellaneous evaluations such as Panel substitutions, PVSyst report reviews and interpretation.
  • Provided Construction support services i.e. submittal reviews, RFI reviews, performed spot inspections of the construction work, witnessed testing & commissioning activities and reviewed punchlist for completion.
  • Provided IV Curve testing for all 19 sites and witnessed testing on energization.