Power Engineering

Our engineering team is well versed in the latest design, modeling and analytics software. We have evaluated, engineered and created medium voltage campus distribution systems and emergency generation for a variety of facilities such as colleges and universities, hospitals, research facilities, state governmental entities and level 4 data centers. Our designers and engineers have supported piping design for steam, hot water, and glycol distribution systems, as well as electrical, instrumentation and control support projects.

Energy Management Services

Starting with the decision process, we develop the preliminary documentation and organization strategies including conceptual design, probable cost studies and RFP solicitations. For project managers, we provide construction support services, owner engineer services and third-party reviews. We would also be available to support, measure and verify project performance and financials, even after construction has been completed.

Mechanical Design Services

We provide a full range of support for your energy management needs. We help you determine the solutions that will best serve your requirements and budget. Whether your firm will need new boilers, a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) installation or a microgrid, we design the entire installation. When energy savings are the foremost solution, we determine the best approach to efficiently use the resources that you already have through cooperation with utility providers or through in-house conservation.

Our engineers have the skills and expertise to integrate with the utility if the goal is to distribute power or thermal energy to a distributed grid load in campuses, transport to business parks, or other potential customers. Our design teams create electrical and mechanical equipment specifications, piping stress analysis, hydraulic and pump designs.

Our expertise includes development, design and commissioning of behind the fence CHP projects for institutions, industrial and commercial entities. RLC also works with existing mechanical systems to provide efficient installations that can improve your facility’s energy resiliency and savings. We provide a single-source solution relying on our Certified Energy Manager (CEM) who evaluates the project’s feasibility, completes electrical and mechanical designs and implementations. Additionally, we have experience in retrofitting existing utility plants for efficiency, compliance and enhancement programs.