"We cannot change the whole world, we know that, but we can change the whole world for that one child."

- Monica Conant

Our Story

When you first begin to ponder the numerous possibilities to help people in crisis in this world, it can feel overwhelming. But once you begin to see the faces and lives of those you can assist, you realize you are on a journey that is bigger than all the American-fashioned plans we make to enjoy our lives.

When we considered the people and the places that we wanted to focus on, our hearts galvanized toward Africa and India. And so in 1984, long before RLC became a company, we began to allow our hearts to be moved to share a small part of what we had been blessed with financially. Since that time, our commitment has bloomed as a result of our employees and our customers. As a continuation of that personal journey, we wanted to invite you to take the opportunity to get involved with people in crisis who are desperate for help.

At RLC, we support charities in both the United States and abroad. But unlike the United States, in times of disaster, people in developing nations are often left without recourse or assistance from their government. It only seemed natural to offer a deeper level of financial commitment to these people and to the ministries who are devoting their entire lives to helping the most desperate and marginalized people on earth­­.

It is true that we cannot change the whole world, but we can change the whole world for that one person we chose to help. If we all begin to focus on that more, it becomes a song that can be sung over a nation that begins to change the landscape and the people in that land. It’s a contagious thing.

Rick & Monica



A journey that started over 30 years ago, Rick and Monica along with the combined contribution of RLC employees, sponsor 29 children today. Additionally, they have been able to provide several of these children and their families with the ability to develop sustainable income through the purchase of livestock, land and sustainable business opportunities.


Rick and Monica partner with Light a Candle (LAC) and sponsor 13 children by providing food, medical care, pastoral care and education to children who have an urgent level of need. Before sponsorship, most kids only ate on days their parents work which tragically varies week to week. The Safe House allows girls, who would otherwise be forced to become temple prostitutes, to live in safety and love and to grow up to become what they dream of becoming…doctors, lawyers, farmers and engineers to name a few. 


Rick and Monica stumble across the movie “Mully”. Watching, they learn of an abandoned boy whose unlikely stratospheric rise to wealth, later hears the call of God and uses his fortune to rescue the destitute children in his community. Mully Children’s Family (MCF) has given hope, sustenance, security, education, medical care and love to over 18,000 children. In addition to our monthly sponsorship, we currently provide for a student named Everlyne to attend Kabarak University where she is pursuing studies in clinical medicine and surgery.


Monica’s friendship with Sonya, RLC’s own IT Security Administrator, began through a weekly jail ministry they led at the Kennebec County Jail, prior to Sonya launching Faith Hope Love Uganda. Since her first trip to Uganda, RLC has assisted Sonya with financial support to provide the ladies she has ministered to with sewing machines, an oven for baking goods for resale, and other sustainable projects. Although a small ministry compared to others, Sonya’s ministry is life-changing for each woman she assists.


While attending a church service, a speaker shares about trafficked women and children (both sexually trafficked and those abused in slave labor) – Rick and Monica immediately respond to the call and get involved with International Justice Mission (IJM). Their financial focus with IJM has been on India, where over 12 million children, women and men are currently enslaved.


RLC is established. Rick and Monica work to create an organization that focuses on others as much as they focus on the people of RLC. As the business has grown, RLC has increased their charitable giving at the same time.


Building on the belief that one person can truly make a difference; Rick and Monica begin their life-long journey to help children on their survival as well as their ability to live free from extreme poverty.


At just 21 years of age, Monica’s dad shares with her the truth that “It’s more blessed to give than to receive.” Monica learns that just $21 a month can provide nutrition, education, a loving church family and healthcare to a child. This is where Monica’s journey begins – she makes the decision to sponsor one child through Compassion International.

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Faith Hope Love Uganda

Inspired by a life-changing mission trip, Faith Hope Love Uganda was established in 2018. We exist to educate, inspire and create lasting solutions to poverty by distributing school & hygiene supplies, creating sustainable income opportunities and providing school fees for those living in Uganda.

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From a poverty-stricken abandoned child at age 6 to becoming a multi-millionaire, Charles Mully left his comfortable life of success and wealth nearly 30 years ago to answer God’s call to serve the least of these. Mully Family have given their entire lives and considerable fortune to rescue, adopt, house, feed, clothe, and educate well over 18,000 Kenyan orphans who have graduated from the program, as well as an additional 4,500 who are currently in the program.

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International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission is a global organization that protects people in poverty from violence. We partner with local authorities in 24 program offices in 14 countries to combat trafficking and slavery, violence against women and children, and abuse of power.

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Light a Candle

We are not afraid of the darkest places but rather rush into them! The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will not overcome it. We are rescuing children from a life of hopelessness, exploitation, even forced temple prostitution. One by one, we long to bring them into the arms of LOVE.

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Compassion International

Since 1952, we are world leaders in holistic child development, pairing compassionate people with children living in extreme poverty to release them from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty.  We are whole-life focused meaning we begin with prenatal care and assist all the way through young adulthood.