Our Work

Over the last three decades, MCF has created a process to transform the lives of children in need and create a brighter tomorrow for future generations.

Rescue children from hostile environments

Nourish development with proper food, shelter, and education

Heal through counseling, mentoring, and spiritual development

Prevent future tragedy through advocacy and awareness

Yatta Women's Center

Rescuing Mothers

The Yatta Women’s Center is a residential facility dedicated to the rescue of young mothers and their babies from a life of abuse and abandonment. Many of the young women have been victims of sex trafficking, rape, or even incest. Their stories are both horrific and heartbreaking. Because of the negative circumstances surrounding their pregnancies, many of the girls must learn how to even love their own babies.

About the Yatta Women's Center

Our Yatta Women’s Center can hold up to 200 young moms and their babies. These young girls are rescued from across Kenya. Mully Children’s Family provides a safe living environment as well as physiological and spiritual support.

But the help does not stop there. MCF also provides a two-year vocational training program to equip these young mothers to care for themselves and for their children upon completion of their training. The training focuses on tailoring, cosmetology, weaving, and cooking.

While the mothers are in training classes, MCF offers childcare for their babies and healthcare when they get sick.


All We Do


Caring for over 4900 children in need every day.

MCF has two large homes and four community centers caring for over 4900 orphaned, abandoned, and vulnerable children. Children are given physical necessities, including food, clothing, and shelter. We also give them emotional and spiritual support, including mentoring, educational opportunities, counseling, and—most of all—love.


Helping mothers and their children escape the streets.

Our Yatta Women’s Women’s center rescues young mothers from abuse and saves them from a life of prostitution or crushing poverty after being abandoned or widowed. The center provides childcare, education, and vocational training to teach women skills they can use to support themselves and their families.


Providing opportunities for education and job training.

MCF operates five preschools, four secondary schools, and one vocational center to help children learn and provide for their future. We encourage girls to attend school and provide feminine hygiene products so they don’t have to miss extra days. We also provide scholarships for higher education, so students can expand their horizons.


Offering free medical and dental care to children and adults.

MCF enables vulnerable children and area communities to access preventive diagnostic healthcare services through the MCF Ndalani and MCF Yatta medical centers. The medical and dental care is provided by short term mission teams from the US and Canada who collaborate with in country healthcare professionals. In 2017 alone over 14,000 people from the area communities received free medical care from MCF’s outreach ministry.


Providing opportunities for education and job training.

To ensure a solid future for Mully Children’s Family, we grow 90% of what the children eat. Additionally, we are able to care for more children with the income produced by these projects. Our current projects include horticulture, poultry farming, dairy production, and fish farming. These products provide additional job opportunities for the community and vocational training for children. We are a major employer of women in the community.


Planning for the future and creating beauty through conservation and tree-planting.

To create a healthy environment for all, MCF provides area schools hands-on training in tree conservation and climate change. And every visitor to our facility plants a tree. Over the last three decades, Mully Children’s Family has planted hundreds of thousands of trees, turning desolate areas into beautiful, productive spaces.


Reaching out to our neighbors through ministry and education.

We never want our charity to stop at the borders of our homes. So we reach out to the community and help where we can. We reach out to area prisons to bring the word of God and encouragement. We have youth leadership and mentorship programs. And our free medical and dental care is available to members of our communities.


Ensuring a brighter future by partnering with other local organizations.

We provide education to local law enforcement agencies about identifying child abuse and understanding human rights. We also create more access to justice for children by partnering with other children’s programs, targeting the police force, the courts, and other relevant networks, to create greater protections for children in need.



Helping our neighbors by providing necessities during natural disasters.

At Mully Children’s Family, we follow the example of Christ to care for our neighbors. We provide clean water, food, and medical care to communities during times of drought, civil unresting, flooding, and other disasters.

Core Values

Our values come from our faith, and they drive everything we do.

1. Unconditional Love

Express love to each and every person in the MCF family.


Build the character of every child and marginalized member of society.


Promote the welfare of each beneficiary.


Care for the marginalized members of Kenyan society.


Ensure our word matches our works.


Maximize Transparency to build and strengthen working relationships.


Strive for the highest levels of performance standards in all we do.


Fulfill our obligation to build a better society for future generations.


Make commitments and live up to them.


Trust in the development process we’ve created.

11. Respect

Treat all people with fairness, equality, and dignity.


Work together with zeal as a global team to achieve success together.


Join Us in Our Work

Save Children’s Lives

Make a One-Time Gift

Your one-time gift will go directly to children and communities in need, helping us rescue more children, operate our schools and vocational center, reach out to our communities in times of need, and so much more.

Make a Recurring Gift

If you choose to make a monthly recurring gift, you’ll become part of our Care Partner Program, one of the most important ways for us to keep our important work going. Your contribution goes where it’s needed most, including seed for the farm, medicine for the children, hay for the cows, trees for the environment, testing for HIV-AIDS, electricity for our offices, and more.

Sponsor a Child

For just $50.00 per month, you can sponsor an orphaned and vulnerable child, allowing them to grow and thrive in a loving, Christ-centered family environment. You’ll receive updated photos, letters, and information about the child you’ve chosen to sponsor.